Tailor is a coming-of-old-age story of 50 years old Nikos, an excellent tailor for men suits, a dreamer, who doesn’t quite fit in the world. Since customers no longer come to his shop, he will take the shop to them. He builds a tailoring shop on wheels and navigates the streets and neighborhoods of Athens. After a rocky start, he realizes that men are not willing to spend money for tailor made suits anymore. But women are, when it comes to their wedding dress! With the help of Olga, his neighbour, he creates unique, imaginative, but cheap wedding dresses for the women in the poor suburbs in Athens.


On the 5th of September 2006 constructions began with a happy ground breaking ceremony. Six proud men in dark suits took the ceremonic spades in Schönefeld, south east of Berlin, and laughed at the cameras. Including the Prime Ministers of the States of Brandenburg and Berlin, Mathias Platzeck and Klaus Wowereit, former head of the Deutsche Bahn company Hartmut Mehdorn and the former Federal Minister of Transport Wolfgang Tiefensee. Only one person wasn’t allowed on the picture: the mayor of Schönefeld, Udo Haase. What went wrong on the airport construction side outside the city gates of Berlin?


Almost 40 years ago, the director Ulrike Schaz got into trouble with the Intelligence Service because accidentally she was on her way to the party where the first internationally wanted terrorist Carlos shot three people. Since then she was registered as “terrorist” or “friend of Carlos” in the intelligence databases. PARIS – NO DAY WITHOUT YOU is a poetic film about life as collateral damage of fighting terrorism.


Ibrahim, Soliman, Manar, and Altayeb, filmmakers and friends for more than 45 years, idealists and intensely humane. They were reunited again after long years of distance and exile, to bring their old dream back to life: to make cinema a reality in the Sudan. They are determined to leave a trace of their passage and to inspire the love of films. Throughout the images they created, the ones they lost and the ones that remain a desire, the beautiful and horrific faces of their country appear.


Due to the Civil War in Somalia, the Shaash family lives scattered across the globe. Now the eldest, Imra (88), has to leave her Ethiopian exile. But where should she go? And where is she allowed to go? This question fuels a transnational family drama, in which the Shaash clan, from their worldwide diaspora, tries everything to find a new home for Imra.


The door has been closed for many weeks. A teenager has locked himself in – shutting out a helpless father, mother and sister. All they can do is stand in front of the locked door and ask, beg, implore, throw tantrums, despair, accuse, ignore and hope. All the while, the door increasingly becomes a mirror of their own lives.


On her journey to answer the question of “What is the price for a better life?”, the director explores Fort McMurray in the far North of Canada, home of the largest industrial project and the third largest oil reserve on the planet. People from all over the world come here to earn enormous salaries – at the sacrifice of the environment. Film and reality collide as the director finds herself in her own personal nightmare.


Salim Shaheen has shot 109 films. Inspired by Hollywood, but produced in Kabul, in Nothingwood. An actor, director and producer, he is the most popular and most prolific filmmaker in Afghanistan. Cinema in his veins. The film will show how Saleem Shaheen and his crew have managed to overcome all forms of resistance, the pressure of their families, survive the Soviet occupation, the civil war, the Taliban and the weight of tradition, the most powerful obstacle to their desire to make movies.The same time, the film tells the history of Afghanistan of the past 30 years and its violent and sometimes peotic presence.

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