TV-documentary, 90 min., written & directed by: Thomas Balzer
In co-production with rbb ARTE and WDR, funded by Mediaboard Berlin-Brandenburg

7 SPADES is the story of 6 men who came together for a photo of the official first spit of the BER airport, and the 7th man who was not allowed on this photo. The film goes on a search for these 7 spades and has their owners tell us about the biggest challenge of their life.



Documentary feature, 86 min., written & directed by: Ulrike Schaz
Funded by Film & Media Fund NRW, BKM, Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

Almost 40 years ago, the director Ulrike Schaz got into trouble with the Intelligence Service because accidentally she was on her way to the party where the first internationally wanted terrorist Carlos shot three people. Since then she was registered as "terrorist" or "friend of Carlos" in the intelligence databases. ONE NIGHT IN PARIS is a poetic film about life as collateral damage of fighting terrorism.



Documentary feature, 90 min., written & directed by: Stephan Bergmann
In co-production with Navigator Film and ZDF, supported by a scholarship of the Wim Wenders Fund, funded by Film & Media Fund NRW and German Film Funds

How do we explain to our children that we all have to die some day? And do we really have to? LIFE WITHOUT END (WT) raises the question of whether we have to accept birth, illness, and death as natural course of our lives. The film portrays those visionaries who have already taken our evolution into their own hands today.



Documentary feature, 90 min., written by: Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl und Jens Mühlhoff
Development funded by Film & Media Fund NRW

Autumn 2018: The Hambacher Forest becomes the vast stage of the climate debate in Germany. In the middle of this chaos, film student Steffen Meyn dies in an accident. On basis of the film material he had gathered for over two years, FORGET-MEYN-NOT paints a broad picture of the occupation of the forest and the political, economical, and societal forces that drag at 'Hambi'.



Feature film, 90 min., written & directed by: Mahamet-Saleh Haroun
A French-German-Belgian co-production with Pili Films and Beluga Tree, funded by Film & Media Fund NRW and FFA

As a single mother, Amina was cast out by her family and by socitey. When her 15-year old daughter is raped and then gets pregnant, she is facing an even more difficult fate than Amina experienced herself. After all, there is no justice to be expected and abortion is highly sanctioned in Islamic Chad. The two women have no choice but to help themselves.



Feature film, 90 min., written by: Sonia Kentermann and Tracy Sunderland, directed by: Sonia Kentermann
A Greek-German-Belgian co-production with Argonauts Productions, Elemag Pictures und Iota Production, funded by Film & Media Fund NRW and Mitteldeutsches Medienboard

Nikos, an excellent tailor, sees his life falling apart. His daughter has turned her back on him, his father is ill and needs money for treatment and their tailoring shop is on the brink of bankruptcy. Since his customers no longer come to him, he launches a mobile workshop, which quickly becomes a success within the working class districts of Athens. He grows to become THE wedding dress specialist for the city's paupers.



Feature documentary, 90 min., written & directed by: Yael Reuveny, funded by Film and Media Fund NRW, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film and BKM, development funded by Channel 8 and Gesher Fund, in coproduction with WDR, RBB and Black Sheep

11 years after leaving Israel, director Yael Reuveny goes back to her homeland to meet her class mates of elementary school. What has become of the ideas and dreams they were raised on?



Feature Fiction, 90 min., written & directed by: Peter Bösenberg, development funding by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Katie and Frank are leading a happy life until the day that Frank starts withdrawing from all of his social contacts and duties, mentally moving to an entirely different place. Yet Katie remains sure of his love for her. In trying to understand him and to open up a way back into society for him, she realises just how many people "drop out of their lives" from one moment to another. When the rumour of an epidemic spreads, Katie has to commit to Frank anew so the two of them can have a future together.



Children's film, 80 min., Writer & Director: Iris Janssen, Academy of Children's Media

Anxious Paul (10) wants to prevent his departed neighbour Mrs. Lotte (80) from an anonymous funeral. During his adventurous journey, not only he learns to say good bye but also finds the courage to face life.



Feature film, 90 min., written by Andreas Köhler

The brilliant lawyer Has Marquardt is suspected to suffer from dementia. He loses his job. Soon, in his fight to be of use to society again, the righteous man no longer hesitates to take drastic action...SIE RUFEN, ABER SIE LIEBEN DICH NICHT is an immoral fable about old age.


Feature film, 90 min., directed by: Marcel Ahrenholz, screenplay by: Marcel Ahrenholz, Melanie Andernach, Andreas Köhler, screenplay funded by the Filmstiftung NRW, film of the eponymous novel by Alexa Hennig von Lange

Laura embarks on a trip to seaside together with her father - to the exact same place that her mother tragically died five years previously. Laura wants to find out, whether her father has shouldered any of blame. But how much would she able to forgive him?