Feature documentary, 90 min., written & directed by: Yael Reuveny, funded by Film and Media Fund NRW, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film and BKM, development funded by Channel 8 and Gesher Fund, in coproduction with WDR, RBB and Black Sheep

11 years after leaving Israel, director Yael Reuveny goes back to her homeland to meet her class mates of elementary school. What has become of the ideas and dreams they were raised on?



Feature documentary, 90 min., written & directed by: Andreas Köhler, co-written by: Melanie Andernach, DoP: Andreas Köhler, funded by Film and Media Fund NRW, Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig Holstein, in coproduction with ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel and ZDF Arte

GLOBAL FAMILY tells the story of a Somali family in exile. Due to a brutal civil war, they now scattered all over the world. In Germany, Canada, Ethiopia, Italy, Saudi Arabia. Shash, the head of the family wants them to live together again one day. To this end, he is willing to go an unusual way.



Feature Fiction, 90 min., written & directed by: Peter Bösenberg, development funding by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Katie and Frank are leading a happy life until the day that Frank starts withdrawing from all of his social contacts and duties, mentally moving to an entirely different place. Yet Katie remains sure of his love for her. In trying to understand him and to open up a way back into society for him, she realises just how many people "drop out of their lives" from one moment to another. When the rumour of an epidemic spreads, Katie has to commit to Frank anew so the two of them can have a future together.



Feature documentary, 90 min., written & directed by Jasmin Herold, DoP: Andreas Köhler, in coproduction with 3sat, funded by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Film and Media Fund NRW, MDM Fund, Culture Fund Sachsen

DARK EDEN captures the journey of Anke and Thomas who like many others rush to Fort McMurray for a chance at a better life. Located in northern Canada, Fort McMurray is home of the Athabasca Oil Sands, the largest industrial project on the planet. A place of unbridled opportunities where dreams can be fulfilled. Here, Thomas and Anke meet similar people from all over the world pursuing their fortunes. DARK EDEN explores the reality behind the dream of a better life. What is lost and what is gained in the pursuit of happiness?



Feature film, 90 min, directed by Isabel Prahl, written by Karin Kaci, script editor: Dominik Graf, script fund by BKM, development fund by Film and Media Fund NRW, in co-production with WDR, funded by Film and Media Fund NRW, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film

The door has been closed for many weeks. A teenager has locked himself in - shutting out a helpless father, mother and sister. In Japan, youths like him have already been given a name: Hikikomori. The secluded. The phenomenon is also beginning to spread throughout the Western world. This is all the family has been able to find out. Nothing else. All they can do is stand in front of the locked door and ask, beg, implore, throw tantrums, despair, accuse, ignore and hope. All the while, the door increasingly becomes a mirror of their own lives.


Children's film, 80 min., Writer & Director: Iris Janssen, Academy of Children's Media

Anxious Paul (10) wants to prevent his departed neighbour Mrs. Lotte (80) from an anonymous funeral. During his adventurous journey, not only he learns to say good bye but also finds the courage to face life.



Feature film, 90 min., written by Andreas Köhler

The brilliant lawyer Has Marquardt is suspected to suffer from dementia. He loses his job. Soon, in his fight to be of use to society again, the righteous man no longer hesitates to take drastic action...SIE RUFEN, ABER SIE LIEBEN DICH NICHT is an immoral fable about old age.


Feature film, 90 min., directed by: Marcel Ahrenholz, screenplay by: Marcel Ahrenholz, Melanie Andernach, Andreas Köhler, screenplay funded by the Filmstiftung NRW, film of the eponymous novel by Alexa Hennig von Lange

Laura embarks on a trip to seaside together with her father - to the exact same place that her mother tragically died five years previously. Laura wants to find out, whether her father has shouldered any of blame. But how much would she able to forgive him?